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"Medium-Sized" Businesses: Don't Get Stuck in the Middle Access Restricted
There are small businesses and large businesses, but what about "medium-sized" businesses? The government should level the playing field so more small businesses can make the transition to large business status.
By: Kim Waeber

The Value of Adaptive Case Management for Contract Management Access Restricted
Adaptive case management is a valuable tool for not only managing the contract document, but also the contract creation process.
By: Jacob Ukelson

Government Contract Cost Accounting, Part I: The U.S. Federal Marketplace and the Need for Contract Cost Accounting Access Restricted
An examination of the importance of utilizing government contract cost accounting to manage the growing number, value, and complexity of government contracts.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Thomas Reynolds

Industry Motivation in Negotiations Access Restricted
When we realize that the party on the other side of the table is motivated by a variety of things, we can more easily determine how best to meet those interests and structure a deal that is more beneficial to both parties.
By: Tom Reid

So You Think You Know the FAR? Access Restricted
Put your knowledge to the test!
By: Mark Lumer and Michelle Currier

"Moore" Money: How the Department of Homeland Security Captures Big Savings from Falling IT Prices Access Restricted
Defense Acquisition University Industry Chair Lenn Vincent examines the steps taken by Soraya Correa at the Department of Homeland Security Office of Procurement Operations to ensure ongoing best value on IT purchases.
By: Lenn Vincent

Performance-Based Acquisition: Acquiring the Right Outcomes Access Restricted
Many agencies believe that contracts must be firm-fixed-price and performance-based and nothing else. However, one size most certainly does not fit all.
By: Rowena Prentice

Major Systems Acquisitions: A Paradigm for Success Access Restricted
A review of major systems acquisitions, outlining their scope, illustrating common risk areas with high-profile examples, and presenting a framework of critical success factors.
By: John Dobriansky

Professional Development Access Restricted
Lead and motivate--not just your team, but yourself, too.
By: Joelle Jay

Speaking Out Access Restricted
There's a FAR better way.
By: Joe Bednar

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Evidence of costs is not limited to documents.
By: Jack Horan

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