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Inside the May 2010 issue...

A New Approach to Performance-Based Acquisition: Three Phases to Success Access Restricted
Several factors that can influence a PBA's outcome will help agencies move in the right direction in implementing PBA.
By: Stan Livingstone

Are You Headed for a Merger with a Foreign Company? A National Security Review May Be in Your Future Access Restricted
An analysis of the process by which the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States reviews proposed transactions involving the foreign acquisition of U.S. contractors.
By: Marilyn L. Muench

Cost Limitations in Government Contracts Access Restricted
In order to avoid unnecessary financial losses, contractors must strictly comply with applicable limitations of cost/funds clauses.
By: Christopher Wolf

Modeling COR/COTR Resource Needs: Improved Contract Performance through Enhancing Time Availability Access Restricted
An analysis of a category-level resource planning model that predicts the time COR/COTRs need to successfully manage contracts.
By: Mike Kamradt, Sihyun Choi, and Jim McIntosh

Requests for Equitable Adjustment: Are You a Winner or a Sinner? Access Restricted
How to be a winner in the REA process.
By: Samuel G. Davidson

Opportunities for Making Risk Management Happen Now Through Kaizen Access Restricted
How current contract risk management approaches by the U.S. government and multinational corporations can be immediately improved using kaizen.
By: Eric Esperne

Case Scenario Access Restricted
A small business plan that includes an affiliate.
By: Philip G. Bail

Professional Development Access Restricted
Enhance your professional credibility.
By: Jean Kelley

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Modifying a contract by course of conduct.
By: Jack Horan

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