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CM Jan 10

The Basis of Estimate Access Restricted
The discipline of developing a comprehensive and detailed basis of estimate for every proposal will help instill confidence (in both the project management team and customer) that you understand the work and can perform at the quoted cost or price.
By: Tom Reid

Integrated Program Management: Ensuring Proper Program Controls Access Restricted
The procedures for implementing an Integrated Program Management System as practiced by the government and its contractors.
By: Joseph C. Annunziato and Walter S. Hood

Defensive Publications: A Cost-Effective Alternative for Intellectual Property Protection Access Restricted
If obtaining patents is becoming too expensive or too difficult, consider the use of "defensive publications."
By: John K. Borchardt

International Sales Agreement Checklist for Sellers of Products and Services Access Restricted
Seventy-five items to consider when drafting and receiving international sales agreements.
By: John E. Miller

Protecting Proprietary Data Without Compromising Regulatory Compliance Access Restricted
Joint ventures are becoming more popular in today's government procurement marketplace, but they face unique challenges. The use of business services integrators can help.
By: Bruce Bowland and J. Michael Foley

What Could Be Simpler Than a List? Access Restricted
Lists, which seem simple to make and easy to understand, are in fact sophisticated rhetorical devices, and when used in a document with contractual impact, there is a lot that can go wrong.
By: Ronald Shook

Professional Development Access Restricted
Help your manager and help yourself: How your supervisor can help you climb the corporate ladder.
By: Kim Goff

Legal Forum Access Restricted
The rules of contract interpretation.
By: Jack Horan

Speaking Out Access Restricted
A true story about the need for ethics and procurement training.
By: Robert Knauer

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