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A Guide to Recoverable Travel and Transportation Costs Access Restricted
While the benchmark for most recoverable travel costs is reasonableness, the allowability of certain travel costs incurred under U.S. government contracts is governed by the FAR and other federal regulations.
By: John N. Ford and David J. Lundsten

Invisible Terms & Creative Silence: What You Don't See Can Help or Hurt You Access Restricted
In international dealings between businesses located in different countries, paying attention to the language you use in the contract is important, but paying attention to the lack of language may be even more important.
By: Helena Haapio

Environmental Services Performance Contracting: "Greening" Local Governments Access Restricted
With ESCO performance contracting as its centerpiece, New Jersey's efforts to "green" local governments serve as an excellent model for other state legislatures to follow suit.
By: Steven L. Humphreys

The Law is the Law, but should it be? Access Restricted
Why legislators shouldn't always legislate...and regulators shouldn't always regulate.
By: John Krieger

Isn't a Sale to the U.S. Government Just Another Commercial Sale? Access Restricted
How the complexity of procurement regulations discourages industry participation in competing for government contracts and undermines the simplicity and efficiency intended to result from FAR Part 12 procurement.
By: Anna M. Sturgis

Federal Outsourcing of Legal Work Access Restricted
The current trend of outsourcing legal work by the U.S. government may be unethical, unlawful, and uneconomical.
By: Robert J. Warner

Professional Development: How to Turn Dull into Dynamic Access Restricted
The 10 biggest traps to avoid when you speak.
By: Patricia Fripp

Legal Forum Access Restricted
A Trap for the Unwary: Broad Release Language in Contract Negotiations
By: Jack Horan

Speaking Out Access Restricted
Letter to the Editor
By: Anonymous

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