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Inside the July 2009 issue, Volume 49...

CM Cover July 2009

The Two-Front War on Waste and Fraud Access Restricted
On one front, the Obama administration is pushing for open competition and fixed-price contracts. On the other front, Congress is searching the frontlines for waste and fraud.
By: Harold Babcock-Ellis

Successful Strategies to Avoid the GAO High Risk List Access Restricted
How government agency acquisition teams can keep their acquisition programs on track and off the GAO high risk list.
By: John Dobriansky

Negotiating Profit: A Different Matter Access Restricted
Since profit is a motive of efficient and effective contract performance, understanding how to analyze and negotiate a fair and reasonable profit is in the interest of both the government and the contractor.
By: Bud Almas and Frec Schlich

Protecting Your Proprietary Rights Access Restricted
An explanation of the government's data rights framework and a discussion of best practices for protecting your proprietary technical data and computer software rights under government contracts.
By: Keith Szeliga

Personal Services Contracts: Should Prohibition be Repealed? Access Restricted
An examination of why personal services contracts are prohibited, why their use has become commonplace despite their prohibition, and the pros and cons of repealing their prohibition.
By: Thomas A. Marcinko

Conflict Resolution Techniques: The Answer to Legislative Impasses? Access Restricted
Given the greater reliance by local governments for budget support from their respective state governments, the need for prompt legislative budget action and approval is a necessity.
By: Charles E. Rumbaugh

New Rules on Procurement Fraud, Ethics, and Compliance Access Restricted
Answers to several frequently asked questions concerning the new FAR rules relating to procurement fraud, contractor responsibility, and ethics and compliance programs.
By: John W. Polk

Cradle-to-Grave Contracting Meets the "Key Personnel" Clause Access Restricted
Contract managers are uniquely qualified and positioned to take on a more proactive, oversight-type role, moving away from today's fragmented, compartmentalized contract management approach to one that is seamless, strategic, and cost-effective.
By: Kathleen Dawn

Developing the "Whole Person": An NGA Acquisition Contracts Office Priority Access Restricted
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Acquisition Contracts Office recently developed a simple visual model to effectively clarify the career path and development expectations of its contract specialists.
By: Ernest S. Moore

Professional Development--The Accountability Leader: Inspiring Your Team to Exceed its Goals Access Restricted
By: Lee Froschheiser

Legal Forum--The Princess and the "Fee": The Duties of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Access Restricted
By: Jack Horan

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