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May 2009

Beyond Compliance: Environmental Sustainability in Federal Green Purchasing Access Restricted
A survey of the current legal, regulatory, and executive order authorities that support FAR subparts concerned with the environment, as well as the evolution of federal environmental policy in terms of green purchasing.
By: Christopher Robey

New E-Verify Requirements for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Access Restricted
Federal contractors need to begin familiarizing themselves with E-Verify in preparation for when the FAR rule goes into effect and an E-Verify clause is included in their federal contracts. NOTE: The E-Verify regulation has been pushed back since the article went to print; it will go into effect on June 30, 2009.
By: Emily Haverkamp

Managing Subcontracts: Challenges and Best Practices for Government Prime Contractors Access Restricted
A detailed discussion of the critical challenges prime contractors face when dealing with the federal government, as well as best practices that may be used to achieve superior performance results.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Financial Management for the Project Manager Access Restricted
A hypothetical Q&A covering the more common questions and concerns project managers have concerning financial management.
By: Melanie Burgess and John Carpenter

Business Insurance Broker Services Agreement Checklist Access Restricted
A special 65-item checklist for use in reviewing business insurance broker services agreements.
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

The Value of Risk Management in Acquisition Planning Access Restricted
An effective acquisition risk management process identifies risks, evaluates and prioritizes them, and describes how to handle them to positively influence acquisition strategy and execution.
By: Jeff Veselenak

Not So Fast! What Government Contractors Must Know Before Hiring Former DOD Officials Access Restricted
Best practices for compliance with the new interim rule that retroactively affects departing DOD personnel accepting employment, consulting offers, or receiving compensation from government contractors.
By: Richard B. O'Keeffe Jr. and John W. Burd

Professional Development: Managing Your Time Without Losing Your Mind Access Restricted
By: Theresa Rose

Legal Forum: A Promise is a Promise Access Restricted
By: Jack Horan

Speaking Out: A Small Reform in Contracting Access Restricted
By: Anthony Steigelman

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