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Inside the April 2009 issue...

Optimizing the Federal Government's Supply Chains Access Restricted
The government's supply chain is vital to U.S. taxpayers and mission essential to ensure government agencies receive the quality products and services they require at a fair and reasonable price.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Compliance with the New FAR Ethics and Internal Control Requirements Access Restricted
FAR 52.203-13 was implemented in December 2007, imposing new ethics requirements on government contractors. Learn about how this will affect your organization, as well as the potential impact of the new ruling on subcontractor relationships and its application to small businesses.
By: Tara A. Edwards and Frank Spasoff

Leadership in Crisis: 8 Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls Access Restricted
How managers can maintain a happy yet disciplined workforce.
By: Jeff Wolf

Improving Proposal Quality, Part 3 of 3--Implementing the Future State Access Restricted
In improving the proposal development process, the Proposal Quality Initiative Team serves as an excellent example of government and industry teamwork that should serve as a model for future joint initiatives.
By: Robert Graham

Improve Your Acquisition Process with Lean Six Sigma, Part 3 Access Restricted
In addition to simplified and commercial item acquisitions and the IT hardware acquisition process, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) can also be applied judiciously to improve your complex services acquisitions.
By: John Dobriansky

The Offshoring of Commercial Contract Management Access Restricted
One of the biggest movements in the field of commercial contract management, offshoring definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

Professional Development: Creating a High-Performance Company Culture During Tough Times Access Restricted
By: Holly G. Green

Legal Forum: Accrual of a Claim Access Restricted
By: Jack Horan

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