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Bailout Basics: Treasury Department Procurements and How Contractors Can Challenge Them Access Restricted
Under the new financial bailout law, the Treasury Department can spend up to $700 billion to secure the national economy. But what procurements can the Treasury Department conduct and how can contractors challenge them?
By: Kenneth Weckstein and William Schmidt

CAS Covered or Not? The Importance of the Disclosure Statement Access Restricted
Your disclosure statement is a valuable tool that identifies areas of inconsistency in how costs are handled in your estimating and accounting processes.
By: Samuel G. Davidson

Improving Proposal Quality, Part 1: Problems, Solutions, and Improvements Access Restricted
The root causes of poor proposal quality provide a substantial case for change, but certain methods can be implemented to improved the proposal development process.
By: Robert Graham

Playing by the Numbers: Recalculating How Many Employees Equal a Small Business Access Restricted
SBA's proposed new standard for determining small business status has been soundly criticized. However, with a just a few adjustments, SBA's new standard can obtain the necessary buy-in of small businesses.
By: Ralph C. Thomas III

Problems with Department of Defense Outsourcing Competitions Access Restricted
An overview of the problems DOD has experienced with its outsourcing competitions.
By: Scott Schofield

The Path of Servant Contract Leadership Access Restricted
The goals and expectations of a company's project management and contracts offices often do not coincide. However, by taking a "servant-lead," the contracts department can create more unified collaboration with the project management department, which brings more value to the company and customer.
By: Allie Stanzione

Legal Forum—Liability for Negligence Access Restricted
By: Jack Horan

Professional Development—How to Become a Manager of Choice Access Restricted
By: John K. Borchardt

Speaking Out—Preparing for Change: The Obama Administration's Effect on Government Contractors Access Restricted
By: Gregory Garrett and Peter McDonald

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