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Deja Vu All Over Again: The Return of A-76 Access Restricted
Outsourcing is once again becoming a topic of heated discussion. This article compares the outsourcing of corporate and government enterprises and examines the need for oversight when the OMB A-76 process is applied to the federal workforce.
By: Christopher Robey

The New Era of "Zero Tolerance": Compliance with the New Anti-Trafficking Measures Now Compulsory for U.S. Government Contractors Access Restricted
A patchwork of regulations applicable to certain federal contractors is now superceded by a new Executive Order, which puts all contractors to the U.S. government on notice that compliance in combating human trafficking is mandatory.
By: Mikhail Reider-Gordon and T. Markus Funk

Reverse Auctions: Creating Winners Through Acquisition Innovation Access Restricted
Reverse auctions work to produce not just savings for innovative organizations that utilize them--including dozens of federal agencies--but opportunity for suppliers to build their businesses by successfully competing--and winning--in the competitive bidding environment.
By: David C. Wyld

Acquisition-Related Criminal Behavior by Federal Employees Access Restricted
An analysis of why these incidents occur and, as a consequent benefit, to perhaps aid in reducing their frequency.
By: Charles D. Solloway Jr.

Acquisition Reform and the Golf Ball: Yet Another Update Access Restricted
Four years after the initial empirical experiment illustrating the need to stay "on par" with the latest acquisition reform news, the golf ball has now surpassed the size of an Adult Slow Pitch Softball.
By: John Krieger and John Pritchard

Intricacies of Contracts with the Federal Government Compared to Civilian Companies, Part 1 Access Restricted
An analysis of the rules, regulations, and precedents that apply specifically to government contracts, as well as how the specialized field of federal contract law differs from its civilian counterpart.
By: Jennifer Hastedt

Anatomy of an Indemnification Clause Access Restricted
Indemnification is a vitally important, but sometimes confusing concept in contract negotiations. This article explains what the words in a typical indemnification clause actually mean, and how to negotiate a fair and reasonable allocation of risk between the parties.
By: Jennifer Izzo

Professional Development Access Restricted
Why Organizations Need Critical Thinkers
By: Timothy Bednarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Are the Statutory Preferences for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Mandatory for Orders Issued under the Federal Supply Schedules?
By: Jack Horan

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