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By the Numbers: The Quest for Data-Driven Government Access Restricted
An examination of prior reform efforts by the U.S. government to revive interest in program evaluation metrics in a procurement policy context, as well as recent and current legislation in terms of these goals.
By: Christopher Robey

The Oxymoron of the "1099 Employee" Access Restricted
Exploring the use of so-called "1099 employees" on U.S. government set-aside contracts, and some practical guidance relative to this complicated area of law.
By: Tom Reid and Cathy Etheredge

Contract Management the Vested Way Access Restricted
Contract governance using the "Five Rules of Vested Outsourcing" business model will establish a managing framework that is based on collaboration, alignment, and insight, not oversight.
By: Kate Vitasek and Karl Manrodt

Not SPOT On: Demanding More from the Synchronized Pre-deployment Operational Tracker (SPOT) System Access Restricted
Why a system like SPOT is necessary, how the current SPOT system is flawed, and how to improve this system.
By: Shauna Johnston

Adapting to Contingency Contracting: A Deployed Procurement Contracting Officer's Perspective Access Restricted
The relevance of operational contracting in support of the U.S. and NATO mission in Afghanistan comes with unique challenges.
By: Joe Misch

Framework for Success When Performing a Business Process Improvement, Part 2 Access Restricted
The second in a three-part series, this article discusses the overarching concepts that all BPI projects must follow to be successful.
By: Robert Graham

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Sometimes Mistakes are Forgiven
By: Jack Horan

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