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Inside the December 2011 issue, Volume 51...

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Look, Up in the Sky! It's an REA! It's a Claim! No...It's a Proposal!
Just what are contracting officers thinking when they say that an “REA,” a “claim,” and a “proposal” are synonymous? Is there a motive behind their madness?
By: Bruce P. Bowland and J. Michael Foley

Enter the SAM: Combining Legacy System Strengths in a New Streamlined Tool
The U.S. federal government is taking the next leap forward in providing integrated procurement processes and data with the creation of the “System for Award Management.”
By: Kathleen Oliver and Laura Cooper

Evolution to Revolution: The New and Improved Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of Small Business Programs
The OSD OSBP is moving DOD small business utilization forward at an unprecedented, accelerated pace.
By: Marcia E. Richard

Earned Value Management Systems: 10 Building Blocks to Achieve Project Success
EVMS is a proven effective risk management tool that helps both the U.S. government and industry improve performance results on large, complex programs.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Green Procurement Hits the Internet
A brief history of the U.S. government’s recent attempts to buy more environmentally friendly products.
By: Oki Radich

Joint Venture 101: Understanding the Treatment of Joint Ventures between Contractors, Part I
How joint ventures are defined and treated by the FAR, SBA, and DCAA for their purposes, as well as an in-depth discussion of the circumstances in which joint ventures can compete for government contracts and the requirements joint ventures must meet before receiving contracts.
By: John Ford and David Lundsten

Congressional Update December 2011
Congressional Update December 2011

Legal Forum December 2011
Can a Contractor Rely on the Federal Government to Award a Legal Contract?
By: Jack Horan

Professional Development December 2011
Fifty and Forgotten: How to Find your Next Job When it Seems Like No One Wants to Hire You
By: Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane

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