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Inside the September 2014 issue...

Finishing the Race: 12 Strides for Contract Closeout Access Restricted
Like marathon running, closing out contracts requires dedication. Closeouts are the "finish line" of a contract, yet more pressing priorities may cause the closeout process to be set aside after the contract is complete. Don't stop now! Close that contract and finish the race!
By: Brie Staker

Continuous Learning Points: The COR Game Changer Access Restricted
As the clock ticks closer to the end of the two-year window in which contracting officer representatives (CORs) are certified, the scramble for recertification training occurs. While continuous learning points (CLPs) are often "low-hanging fruit," CLPs that are specific, targeted, relevant, and, of course, just in time should be sought after to fulfill the requirements.
By: James N. Phillips Jr.

Our Chat with Harry Hallock, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement) Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Harry Hallock, deputy assistant secretary of the Army (procurement), to discuss the state of acquisition within the U.S. Army, as well as his vision for the future of the profession.
By: Ryan Burke

Post-Award Deletions of Work: Partial Termination for Convenience or Deductive Change? Access Restricted
There are various types of actions a federal agency may use to execute post-award deletions of work; however, disputes are less likely to occur if the parties know beforehand what actions are likely to be taken and under what circumstances.
By: Mark J. Garrette

Knowledge is the Source of Better Acquisition Outcomes Access Restricted
An organization's collective knowledge comprises all the information, as well as experience and insight, of its leadership and its workforce. A constant challenge in acquisition is not only how to leverage that knowledge now, but also how to capture and retain that knowledge and the learned lessons for future reuse.
By: Bill Kaplan

Ethics Corner Access Restricted
Sharing the Tools of Our Trade with One Another
By: James R. Blades

Professional Development Access Restricted
Capture and Proposals: What I Wish I Had Known Just Starting Out
By: Jim McCarthy

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Discussions Do Not Extend Deadlines
By: Jack Horan and Katherine M. John

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