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Written and edited specifically for contract management professionals, and established in 1977, CM is NCMA’s flagship publication, providing comprehensive reporting on current issues and trends relevant to both public and private sectors.

Editorial is presented from both government and commercial viewpoints. CM articles keep readers on top of late-breaking developments. Editorial "departments" present opinion pieces, information for beginners and for legal scholars, information for small businesses, as well as rich and varied feature material.

Inside the October 2014 issue...

Right-Sizing Your Contract Management Activity Access Restricted
Balancing the need for compliance with the continual pressure to drive down indirect costs can create a challenge in staffing your contract administration function. This article discusses a process for reviewing your contract administration portfolio and determining if you are managing your workload effectively.
By: Andrea J. White

Who Has the Ball in Government Contracting? Access Restricted
Although contracting officers are found at the center of every government acquisition, their role and authority is often misunderstood. Contracting officers don't always make the decisions that industry frequently thinks they do, and examining the role of this central figure can help to keep acquisitions heading in the right direction.
By: Al Munoz

Prepare for Self-Certification of the Government Property Management System Access Restricted
The Department of Defense may be on the verge of imposing on contractors mandatory self-certification requirements for business systems. This article provides some basic information about the federal requirements for the government property management system, along with some best practices and common challenges.
By: Jackie Luo

Open Learning for Everyone: Sharing Knowledge and Co-creating Solutions within Federal Acquisition Access Restricted
Improving federal procurement is a complex challenge, but a simple approach to leveraging the collective intelligence of the acquisition workforce is worth pursuing.
By: Frank McNally

Streamlining Defense Acquisition: Improving DOD Acquisition Teams with E-Business Tools Access Restricted
Government acquisition integrated product teams (IPTs) are hindered by the software tools made available to them, but can improve acquisition performance, information, and communication between job functions with e-business tools.
By: Ryan Hendricks

Maximizing Profit by Appropriately Categorizing Contractor-Acquired Property Access Restricted
The burden rests on contractors to explain if and why contractor-acquired property is "special test equipment," "special tooling," or "material" in order to obtain profit, and they must also decide whether to procure equipment with government funding, but without profit, or with company funding and receive additional profit.
By: Geoffrey A. Lawson

Our Chat with Jeff Koses, GSA's Senior Procurement Executive Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Jeff Koses to discuss how acquisition operates within GSA, as well as his priorities for the future.
By: Ryan Burke

Leadership Forum Access Restricted
The Use and Abuse of Organization Charts
By: Charlie Chadwick

Ethics Corner Access Restricted
NCMA Code of Ethics: Under Construction
By: Debra Scheider

Professional Development Access Restricted
The Importance of Networking
By: Crystal M. Glenn and Danielle C. Mattei

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Know Your Limitations: Don't Enter into a Contract You Can't Perform
By: Jack Horan and Patrick J. Stanton

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