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Inside the December 2014 issue...

Ghost in the Machine: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Federal Procurement Access Restricted
The role of the contracting officer in terms of current federal procurement policy, the artificial intelligence (AI) state of the art in the near-term role of a standalone policy resource, and the potential role of AI in trusted business agents for simplified procurement/administrative transactions.
By: Christopher Robey

Suspension of Work Fundamentals in Conflict Areas: A Primer Access Restricted
The continuing adventures of John Jones, a contract attorney for the XYZ Company, this time performing contracting duties for a construction contract in a conflict area.
By: David Newsome and John Adzema

The Five Faces of Procurement Fraud, Abuse, and Noncompliance Access Restricted
Five personality types of people who are likely to place procurements at risk for fraud, abuse, and/or noncompliance.
By: Tom Caulfield and Sheryl Steckler

Acquisition Reform and the Golf Ball: Updated Again Access Restricted
Six years after the initial report on the empirical experiment illustrating the need to stay "on par" with the latest acquisition reform news, the golf ball has now surpassed the size of a bocce ball.
By: John Krieger and John Pritchard

Rethinking the Workforce Dilemma Access Restricted
After years of reforms and revamped workforce training and development programs, the critical thinking and innovation skills of the acquisition workforce are ceding ground to the rigid, rules-based practices of the past. It's time to rethink how we train and develop our workforce.
By: Stan Soloway

What Every Government Contractor Should Know About the Tax Implications of Settling a False Claims Act Case Access Restricted
The top 10 tips for the deductibility of compensatory FCA settlement amounts.
By: Roger S. Goldman, Miriam L. Fisher, David R. Hazelton, Anne W. Robinson, and Nicole B. Neuman

Our Chat with David Gragan, Senior Procurement Executive, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed David Gragan to discuss the ins and outs of acquisition within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
By: Ryan Burke

Using eOffer/eMod Without Going "eMad" Access Restricted
GSA Federal Supply Schedule contractors must understand their obligations and the potential risks and inherent limitations of GSA's ever-changing systems and paperless processes.
By: Robert Austin and Julia Ewart

Speaking Out Access Restricted
A War on Profit in DOD Contracting? It's All in the Eye of the Beholder
By: James Gill

Professional Development Access Restricted
How to Boost Your Contract Management Career
By: Allie Stanzione

Legal Forum Access Restricted
The Princess and the "Fee": Part 2
By: Jack Horan

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