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Contract Management, a monthly, full-color magazine, is NCMA’s number-one member benefit. Not only do members receive this publication each month, they also can access past articles of interest in our archives. (Please note that articles only go back to 2002.)

Written and edited specifically for contract management professionals, and established in 1977, CM is NCMA’s flagship publication, providing comprehensive reporting on current issues and trends relevant to both public and private sectors.

Editorial is presented from both government and commercial viewpoints. CM articles keep readers on top of late-breaking developments. Editorial "departments" present opinion pieces, information for beginners and for legal scholars, information for small businesses, as well as rich and varied feature material.

Inside the July 2015 issue...

A Case Study in Local Government Contract Management—City of Woburn, Massachusetts Access Restricted
How applying principles and concepts of contract management led to a successful project being under budget, on schedule, and fitting defined criteria.
By: Mike Gauthier

Could the Contractor Have Made a Spreadsheet Error? Access Restricted
Using the wrong tool is uniquely human. As famed psychologist Abraham Maslow once observed, “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” This article discusses the risks of using the ready hammer—Microsoft Excel.
By: Scott E. Clayton

Strengthening the Acquisition Workforce: Focus on the Task at Hand Access Restricted
Acquisition certification programs and improved recruitment and retention efforts are important, but a formal, mandatory, funded, job-focused learning program is key to improving the acquisition workforce’s performance on the job. If we can improve that performance, we can improve government acquisitions.
By: Denean Machis

The Evolution, Revolution, and Devolution of Commercial Contracting in the U.S. Federal Government, Part 3 of 3 Access Restricted
Exploring how FAR Part 8 has departed from its original intended purpose for commercial items acquisition.
By: Jean Marceau Lohier and Ronald Falcone

A Secret Weapon in the Quest to Litigate in Federal Court: Federal Officer Removal Access Restricted
Federal contractors that are sued in state court often think that they cannot remove the case into federal court. However, a little known, but powerful, weapon exists to often allow for removal under those circumstances: the Federal Officer Removal statute.
By: Joshua B. Waxman, Richard W. Black, and Jaime L. Novikoff

Improving the U.S. Acquisition Workforce, Part 3 of 3: Creating a World-Class Contracting Organization Access Restricted
An examination of the seven steps required to create a world-class contracting organization supporting either the buying or selling process.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Shirl G. Nelson

Our Chat With Iris Cooper, the Senior Procurement Executive for the U.S. Department of the Treasury Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Iris Cooper to discuss how procurement works within the Department of the Treasury, as well as her keys to success in the profession.
By: Ryan Burke

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Differing Understandings of Contract Requirements. Sounds Like a Plan!
By: Jack Horan and R. Locke Bell

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