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Editorial is presented from both government and commercial viewpoints. CM articles keep readers on top of late-breaking developments. Editorial "departments" present opinion pieces, information for beginners and for legal scholars, information for small businesses, as well as rich and varied feature material.

Inside the June 2015 issue...

Common "MythConceptions" in GSA Schedule Contracting Access Restricted
This article seeks to help contractors better understand their disclosure and compliance obligations by clarifying several common misconceptions in GSA Schedule contracting.
By: Jenn Thorson and Gabe Chami

Arguing Syllogistically: Finding the Logic in Acquisition Access Restricted
Syllogistic argument is especially useful for contracts professionals when trying to decide, explain, and persuade as the foundation for numerous tasks and decisions that affect their professional activities.
By: Vernon J. Edwards

Market Research--A Tale of Two Markets: "Never Shall the Twain Meet" Access Restricted
The Federal Supply Schedule market is distinct from the open market, and the research and acquisition planning requirements differ. This article examines common myths and acquisition approaches to help produce innovation and efficiency in the delivery of products and services to the warfighter.
By: Christopher E. Harris

Compelling Reasons to Hire a Consultant Access Restricted
An examination of five compelling reasons to consider hiring a consultant for your organization.
By: Robert E. Jones

Our Chat With Anita Bales, Director, Defense Contract Audit Agency Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Anita Bales to discuss the roles DCAA plays in the defense acquisition network, upcoming initiatives for DCAA and its workforce, and what it takes to excel in this career field.
By: Ryan Burke

The Evolution, Revolution, and Devolution of Commercial Contracting in the U.S. Federal Governmet, Part 2 of 3: Exploring How FAR Part 12 Has Diverted From Its Original Intended Purpose Access Restricted
The acquisition or selling of commercial items in the U.S. federal marketplace is becoming more challenging due to the misuse of the broad definition of "commercial item" and the increased requirements for cost or pricing data.
By: Jean Marceau Lohier and Ronald Falcone

Decade of Disaster: Keys to Sound Management of Emergency/Urgent Government Contracts Access Restricted
Everything about performing a contract to meet emergency/urgent government requirements is different...until it isn't. Contractors and their agency partners must appreciate the unique risks of forming, performing, and terminating high-risk emergency/urgent contracts and plan for success throughout the entire acquisition cycle, from the first "breaking news" bulletin all the way to final payment.
By: Rick O'Keeffe

Improving the U.S. Federal Acquisition Workforce, Part 2 of 3--Contract Management Process Maturity: The Key for Organizational Survival Access Restricted
Part two of this three-part article series discusses the "Contract Management Maturity Model" and using the assessment results to develop a road map for continuously improving organizational contract management process maturity for U.S. federal government agencies, government contractors, and subcontractors.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Dr. Rene G. Rendon

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Timber! Losing a Lot of Money, Even if Prices Unexpectedly Fall Far below Expected Levels, is Not Unexpected in the Typical Contract
By: Jack Horan

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