NCMA Board of Advisors Letter

The NCMA Board of Advisors (BoA), formerly the Executive Advisory Council (EAC), advises and supports the NCMA president in advancing the contract management community. The incoming NCMA president plans to re-energize this new BoA to help address the contracting challenges of our times. Many thanks to all the members of last year’s EAC for all of your service.

In recent years, the NCMA Board of Directors , under the leadership of prior past presidents, developed a mature set of strategic goals and objectives that the NCMA HQ governance structure and headquarters were organized to implement. Now, to meet present and emerging opportunities of the contracting profession and better position our professional association for today and the future, the incoming president has reduced the number serving on the BoA to a smaller, more agile, and diverse group of accomplished and prestigious leaders, representing key government, industry, academia, and related organizations and expertise. These outstanding and accomplished individuals will be asked to provide advice and support in a variety of vital areas that advance the strategic and tactical goals and initiatives of today’s acquisition climate. These areas may include workforce development, education, accreditation, certification, technical or leadership training, qualification standards and competencies, external outreach, and engagement and environmental assessment.

One of the first actions to be taken under the BoA structure will be the president’s appointment of a chair to coordinate the establishment and actions of various working groups and advise and assist the president, Board of Directors, and NCMA staff as required for execution. You will hear more about their efforts over the coming year. Congratulations and welcome to all of our new BoA members. The BoA will have their first meeting during World Congress in Nashville this July.

Russ Blaine, NCMA’s incoming president, is eager to reinvigorate the BoA this next program year. “These are challenging times for our profession and the citizens we serve. We ask that all contract management professionals support the Board of Advisors as they commit their time and expertise in support of the advancement of our profession and the other strategic goals of our association.”

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