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Welcome to the Small Business Contracting Community page of the NCMA website. This is the central location where individuals involved in small business contracting from both the government and industry side can connect. There are many ways to get involved. Sharing information is crucial.


(From The world's largest buyer of goods and services is the federal government, with purchases totaling more than $425 billion per year. The government especially encourages small businesses to bid on contracts for some of these needs. In fact, federal agencies are required to establish contracting goals, with at least 23 percent of all government buying targeted to small firms.

Hear the 2011 Virtual Conference Recording!

NCMA members attended the Small Business Contracting Community Virtual Conference to gain knowledge on recent regulatory issues affecting small businesses, proposal writing, and so much more, without even leaving their office.


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E-mail us if you are interested in becoming a community leader. We are looking for people to write articles and manage online discussion. It's a small time commitment and you will be recognized on the NCMA website.

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