4 Ways to Break Into Any Industry

By Pete Leibman

If you want to break into a competitive industry, a great way to do it is to "join" the industry first. By "joining" the industry, you can get connected with people already working in your ideal field, and you will also gain access to industry information that will be valuable throughout all phases of your job search. The following are the four best ways to "join" an industry.

1. Join professional associations for your ideal industry
Every industry has at least one major association. Associations can operate on an international, national, regional, or state level-international and national organizations usually have regional or state chapters as well. Many associations are open for anyone to join, and students and young professionals usually receive special membership discounts. A few simple Google searches will help you find relevant associations based on what you want to do.

2. Attend conferences/events for your ideal industry
Most associations have an annual conference or regular events where current/potential members can get together in-person to exchange best practices and build relationships. There are also conferences and events not affiliated with a specific association. Many industry networking events are open to anyone. Again, students and young professionals usually qualify for reduced pricing. In addition to finding conferences and events through professional associations, a few more simple Google searches will help you find other relevant conferences and events in your area.

3. Subscribe to publications/newsletters for your ideal industry
Most associations also have a publication or newsletter in a print and/or online format. Most of these resources are free for members, and others are available at a nominal fee. In addition to subscribing to publications/newsletters for relevant associations, you can also do a few quick Google searches to identify other sources worth following.

4. Join social networking groups for your ideal industry
Most associations have groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where existing and potential members can come together online to network. Given that it is a professional networking website, LinkedIn provides a variety of networking opportunities that Facebook does not. However, both are worth checking out. Most groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are open to anyone, and they are always free to join.

In summary, if you want to break into an industry, just "join" the industry! Once you have done so, it is very easy to get connected with people who can give you career advice and actual leads on how you can get hired in the industry. This worked for me when I was in college!


About the Author

PETE LEIBMAN is a career expert and professional speaker. He is also the president of Idealize Enterprises. He can be contacted at Pete@IdealizeNow.com, by visiting www.IdealizeNow.com, or at www.linkedin.com/in/peteleibman. His blog is available at http://CareerMuscles.Wordpress.com.

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