Résumé Building: How to Include NCMA’s Programs on Your Résumé

Published in CareersConnect, August 2010

By April Silverthorn Southward

Writing your résumé can easily become an overwhelming task, especially with all of the information available about résumé creation on the Internet. To take some of the guesswork out of the process, NCMA has established these suggestions for how to list your certification(s), award(s), training, and professional affiliation(s) on your résumé. Listing this information on your résumé is a smart way to set yourself apart for other applicants and-when following the steps below-it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Each of the items listed below would fall into the third section of your résumé. In the first section, you will list your name and your contact information, along with an objective or key strengths. The second section will contain your work experience and your education information. The third and final section is the area where you list all of the other information that you feel is important for an employer to understand your potential and abilities as a candidate. This could consist of a number of items depending on what you believe your individual strengths are and how much room you have on your résumé for this content. Typical categories include: Certification(s), Honors & Awards, Training, Professional Affiliation(s), and Software.



It is very important to list your certification(s) on your résumé. Keep in mind that your certification(s) should be listed in two places on your résumé. The first place that your certification should be listed is too often forgotten-your certification designation should always be listed at the end of your name at the top of your résumé. Not only will this help to distinguish your résumé, but look at the two different examples below-the one with the certification designation looks much more interesting than the one without it.



John H. Doe

21740 Beaumeade Circle
Ashburn, VA 20147 571-382-1105 jhdoe@ncmahq.org 




John H. Doe, CPCM

21740 Beaumeade Circle
Ashburn, VA 20147 571-382-1105 jhdoe@ncmahq.org 



The second place you should list your certification is in the content of your résumé. A certification is very important and therefore should be listed as high as possible in this section of your résumé; the logic behind this is that certifications are more important than awards, training, and professional affiliations as they validate your knowledge of the field.





  • Certified Professional Contracts Manager Certification                     October 2005–Present
    National Contract Management Association





Awards and other honors are a very special addition to a résumé. They help to support the claims you are making about your expertise and experience. Moreover, they showcase your ability to go above and beyond and are very influential in the candidate selection process.



Honors & Awards


  • Charles A. Dana Distinguished Service Award                                                       July 2010
    National Contract Management Association




Training is one thing many employers are looking for in today's job candidates. Maybe you don't have a degree or you graduated several years ago; by listing any relevant training you have completed, you show employers you're interested in learning about your profession.




  • Webinar on Price Reasonableness, NCMA                                                          March 2010
  • Convention, Government Contract Management Conference, NCMA         November 2009
  • E-course on Price Analysis, NCMA                                                              September 2009
  • Seminar on Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing, NCMA                                      July 2009 




One thing to note about adding a training section to your résumé is that if you have two or fewer items, the information should be rolled into your education section as shown below.



Education & Training

  • XYZ University, Washington, DC                                                                        May 2003
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration                                                     
  • Webinar on Price Reasonableness, NCMA                                                          March 2010
  • Seminar on Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing, NCMA                                      July 2008



Professional Affiliation(s) 

Professional Affiliations are another commonly neglected and often underestimated résumé tool. Listing this information on your résumé shows potential employers how committed you are, not only to your profession, but also to your career development.



Professional Affiliation


  • National Contract Management Association, Member                       March 2003–Present 
  • NCMA Dulles Battlefield Chapter, Treasurer                                        July 2009–Present 




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