5 Ways to Increase Your Employment Options

By Cheryl Palmer

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself more appealing to employers? After all, the job market is still not back to pre-recession levels, and competition for most jobs is stiff. How can you distinguish yourself from so many qualified candidates? Why would employers give you a second look when they have their pick of potential hires?

Here are some ways that you can set yourself apart and give employers a reason to take your candidacy seriously:

1) Obtain certifications.
It’s a good idea to periodically check vacancy announcements to identify what types of certifications employers are asking for so that you can stay ahead of the game. Staying abreast of what is current in your field will position you well as a valuable employee, and it also makes you marketable just in case your job is eliminated.

2) Secure specialized experience.
Sometimes you can increase your employability within your field by gaining specialized experience that not everyone else has. In some instances going into a specialty area can be more lucrative as well.

3) Create a dynamic online presence.
According to ExecuNet, 86 percent of recruiters now scour online sources for additional information on candidates. Positive online information about you will improve your job prospects since that is what recruiters will be looking for to determine who they call for an interview. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook rank high in search engines, so make sure that you represent yourself well on these sites.

4) Raise your visibility in your field.
By being published in professional journals and mainstream media as well as speaking at annual conventions, you can raise your visibility in your field while increasing your job prospects. The fact that you have distinguished yourself as an expert in your field as evidenced by your publications and public speaking gives you an edge over other candidates who don’t have such credentials.

5) Cross train.
In an era of cutbacks you make yourself more valuable if you’re flexible and can do more than one job. If your company does not formally cross train its employees, volunteer to be cross trained. Those extra skills can make you more valuable to your next employer.

If you can take advantage of a tuition reimbursement program on the job, do so. If that is not available, you can still invest in yourself. Read job listings to find out what skills or qualifications are mentioned as being preferred. Then take the required steps to obtain these skills and qualifications to keep yourself employable.

About the Author

Cheryl Palmer is a career expert, professional speaker, and the president of Call to Career. Learn more about Cheryl at www.linkedin.com/in/cherylpalmer. She can be contacted at Cheryl.Palmer@calltocareer.com or by visiting www.calltocareer.com. Her blog is available at www.calltocareer.com/category/blog. To receive the free report, “Top 10 Mistakes that Executives Make,” visit www.calltocareer.com

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