The Biggest Job Search Lie Ever Told

By Matt LeBlanc

The holiday season is here and I have heard from more than one person that they are putting their job searches on hold because "no one hires at the end of the year."

Every time I hear this I want to jump up and down, scream like a two-year-old, and tell them "No, no, no!"

One of the biggest lies that job seekers are told (and believe) is that companies shut down at the end of the year and do no hiring.

I have been in the recruiting business for several years now and one of the biggest quarters I have ever had was a fourth quarter that included several December hires.

Is it a bit more difficult to make things happen at the end of the year because of vacations and time out of the office? Yes.

Is it impossible to do? No.

Is it a good time to really hit the pedal to the metal? Absolutely!

The vast majority of job seekers are going to tell themselves the lie that you now know is false, and because of that there are less networking calls being made, fewer calls being made/returned to recruiters, and less hardcore search activity overall.

Take advantage of everyone else waiting for 2012 to make things happen.

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!

About the Author

Matt LeBlanc is an HR professional based in Nashville, Tennessee, with expertise in full life cycle technical recruitment, sourcing, research, training, and workforce and career development. He writes about job search/career-related issues on "Recruiters Guide to the Universe" and recruiting/sourcing-related issues on "12recruiters." You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn at and Twitter at 

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