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Learn the ABC's...
A u d i t Procedures
B u s i n e s s Practices
C o m p l i a n c e Measures of Audit Survival!

About the Conference

Why attend: The saga of austerity and government contracts in a budget-driven environment continues in 2013. Key challenges in the world of audit and compliance are huge concerns as well. Decisions associated with current and future scenarios highlight the need for prudent measures to help you better understand and get ahead of the concerns and issues relative to audit and compliance. To better prepare you for the potentially impactful challenges ahead, this is the training forum you need. To provide you with the a greater understanding on the peculiarities of the audit framework, look no further. Join a dynamic training opportunity to have your audit and compliance questions answered in one single event: “The ABCs of Audit Survival.” Without a doubt, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Audit Procedures: Learn the procedures of audit compliance. Discuss some of the most effective ways to mitigate and avoid audit concerns. Understand the procedural process behind the audit and objectives and identify the techniques that will assist you to effectively analyze and respond to audit findings.

Business Practices: Learn some of the best and most practical practices in the industry and how to effective engage auditors. Understand the value and importance of effective planning and communication in dealing with audits and how to infuse effective business practices into daily internal activities.

Compliance Measures: Understand how the use of tactical and strategic measures can help to reduce the anxieties and risks associated with audit and compliance concerns. Leverage past reviews and mitigation strategies to produce cost-effective measures to meet audit and compliance goals and impending reviews.  

Learn how varying contract types can impact your ability to plan and achieve success in the audit and compliance process. Also, learn about the different types of audits and compliance and how they can impact the bottom-line or mission objectives of your organization. Even better, leverage this opportunity to gain greater reliability and trust with your government customers.

Over the course of four hours, expert professionals will provide you with the knowledge you need to implement an effective, efficient, and successful audit compliance strategy. They will address key areas relative to:

  • Audit Issues in Times of Austerity: Learn about important audit issues in times of austerity! Assess the impacts of economic and efficiency and how to rise above the turbulence of austerity to achieve program success;
  • Surviving an Audit and Avoiding Risk: Learn how to survive an audit while avoiding risk! Jointly discuss the concerns, perceived obstacles, and plausible solution strategies that can help you mitigate risk and effectively implement risk-averse practices for your organization and key stakeholders;
  • Penalties and Claims: Learn how to avoid and/or mitigate penalties and claims associated with audits and compliance reviews. Understand the value of risk-aversive practices and how they can save you both time and money; and
  • Understanding Government Contract Audits: Understand the value and importance of vendor rights and responsibilities as they relate to audit and compliance. Learn how to effectively access and utilize internal audits to establish key metrics and measures.

Participants will earn Four Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours/
Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) by attending this online event

Virtual Conference Agenda


12:00pm   Program Introduction

Audit Issues in Times of AusterityPDF format
Greg S. Bingham,Vice President, The Kenrich Group, LLC
Richard P. Rector, Partner, DLA Piper

Surviving an Audit and Avoiding RisksPDF format
Brent Calhoon, Partner, Baker Tilly, LLP

Penalites and ClaimsPDF format
Joyce Tong Oelrich, Attorney, Bryan Cave, LLP

3:00pm- 4:00pm 
Understanding Government Contract AuditsPDF format
Louis Dolan, Jr., Partner, Nixon Peabody
Vincent J. Napoleon
, Counsel, Nixon Peabody

D. Grayson Yeargin, Partner, Nixon Peabody

4:00pm Closing Remarks



AVC13: Bingham  Greg S. Bingham
Vice President, The Kenrich Group, LLC

Greg Bingham is Vice President in the Washington, D.C. office of the Kenrich Group LLC. Greg has 25 years of experience in the field of business and litigation consulting, primarily for government contractors. He specializes in providing consulting and testimony services to clients regarding financial, economic, accounting, and damages issues. Greg's assistance to clients has included presenting findings and conclusions in negotiations, alternate dispute resolution proceedings, deposition, and at trial.
WBNR: B. Calhoon 
Brent Calhoon
Partner, Baker Tilly, LLP

Brent Calhoon is a partner with Baker Tilly’s Government Contractor Advisory Services practice in Vienna, VA.  For more than 19 years, he has advised clients and their outside counsel on complex cost accounting, pricing and compliance issues related to FAR, CAS, TINA, and other accounting-related rules and regulations.  Brent helps clients improve business processes and functions critical to managing compliance and financial risks unique to government contractors.  He has worked with a broad array of big and small public and private companies covering nearly every major industry.
AVC13: Dolan 
Louis E. Dolan, Jr.
Partner, Nixon Peabody
Louis E. Dolan, Jr focuses his practice in the areas of complex commercial litigation, including litigating government contracts before federal and state agencies, as well as compact entities such as transportation boards and airport authorities. He has handled numerous bid protests and related litigation, in state and federal courts and agencies and appeals thereof. He also has substantial experience handling complex contract disputes, trade secret and intellectual property disputes, and real estate, construction, partnership, affordable housing, and tax credit -related litigation.
AVC13: Napoleon 
Vincent J. Napoleon
Counsel, Nixon Peabody

Vincent J. Napoleon focuses his practice in the areas of government contracts, corporate transactions, and life sciences. With more than 25 years of experience, Vincent has provided business and legal solutions to clients in various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, software, professional services and life sciences, addressing issues related to acquisition planning, source selections, CICA, TINA, and cost or pricing data, cost contracting, DCAA audits, international contracting, foreign military sales,FCPA/anti-bribery compliance, and export controls.
Tong, Joyce - LRG Joyce Tong Oelrich
Associate, Bryan Cave, LLP
Joyce Tong Oelrich focuses her practice on government contracts and grants. She represents information technology firms, manufacturing companies, and professional service firms entering into business arrangements with, or involving, government entities, in bid protests, ethical and corporate compliance issues, product sourcing compliance and intellectual property issues. Ms. Tong has represented clients in pre- and post- contract award disputes before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the Government Accountability Office.
AVC13: Rector Richard P. Rector
Partner, DLA Piper
Richard Rector chairs DLA Piper's Government Contracts practice and focuses his practice on federal, state, and local procurement issues. He regularly litigates contract actions and bid protests, and he counsels clients on a broad range of federal and state/local procurement matters, including responses to audits and investigations.
AVC13: Yeargin D. Grayson Yeargin
Partner, Nixon Peabody
Grayson Yeargin concentrates his practice on providing regulatory and dispute-resolution advice to companies concerning government contracts issues. He has assisted clients with bid protests, suspension and debarment issues, compliance counseling, internal investigations, self-disclosures, and litigation with the Federal government. He represents clients from a wide variety of fields, including technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, public policy, government relations, lobbying, and not-for-profit. Mr. Yeargin has significant experience in matters involving the False Claims Act; laws governing false statements and fraud (including pricing, accounting, financial, immigration, and honest services issues); export controls and trade embargoes; compliance requirements; laws governing lobbying and the regulation of foreign agents; and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.




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