Summer Chapter Leader Summit 2014

"Gaining Fresh Perspectives on Proven Methods"


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NCMA's new and improved chapter leader training series continues this summer! This new format of chapter leader training now occurs three times annually, providing increased development opportunities to NCMA's chapter leaders.

About NCMA's Summer Chapter Leader Summit 2014

July 26–27 • Gaylord National Harbor Hotel & Convention Center • Washington, DC

Are you an NCMA chapter leader, about to become one, or are you interested in volunteering at the chapter level? Join us for the Summer Chapter Leader Summit 2014, where chapter leaders from across the nation learn how to manage their chapter and kick off a great year! This year's event will focus on every aspect of your chapter that contributes to its overall success. Hear from other chapter leaders on proven methods and progressive ways to handle your chapter as a business.

This year's event was being held in conjunction with World Congress 2014, in order to make attendee travel and participation more convenient and affordable. 

This is a great opportunity for chapter leaders to receive greater exposure to NCMA leadership and the profession at large.

Participants will earn 8.5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours by attending this two-day event.

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The Value of Summer Chapter Leader Summit

Attending NCMA's Summer Chapter Leader Summit gives you direct access to over 100 chapter leaders from across the nation. The sessions connect you with chapter leaders and NCMA Leadership who have made a huge impact on their chapter's success. Learn from the steps these presenters have taken to find tools and solutions your chapter needs to begin another successful chapter program year!

This year's sessions included:

  • Why It's Always Important to Watch the Numbers,
  • NCMA's Certification Program: Developing Your Members' Credentials,
  • Chapter Web Pages and Social Media: What Does Your Chapter Need,
  • Leveraging SharePoint for Chapter Learning Programs,
  • and more!


Saturday  July 26, 2014


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Opening Remarks & Welcome • Bella Vista Room


Join us as we kick off this year’s event focused on the importance of thinking of your chapter as a business and how to incorporate best business practices to increase your chapter’s effectiveness.

  • Larry Trowel, CPCM, CFCM, NCMA President
  • Andrew Obermeyer, CPCM, Fellow, President, Central Virginia Chapter and member of NCMA Board of Advisors


What Are Your Products & Services? • Bella Vista Room


Learn how to leverage NCMA's products and services to maximize your chapter's offerings and help your chapter succeed.

  • Mary Beth Lech, CFCM, Fellow, NCMA Chapter Relations Manager
  • Robert Jones, CFCM, CCCM, Dayton Chapter 


Break for NCMA Community Service Project


Annual World Congress Community Service Project • Pose Ultra Lounge


Meet & Greet: We're All in This Together! • Camellia 3/4


The networking reception is held for attendees to meet the NCMA Board of Directors, NCMA staff members, and influential chapter leaders who are of great value to each chapter.  

Sunday  WC14 - Bullet July 27, 2014


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Networking Breakfast • National Harbor 10/11


Don't miss the opportunity to connect with NCMA Board of Directors!


Why It's Always Important to Watch the Numbers • National Harbor 10/11


A discussion on the importance of implementing a checks and balances system within your chapter's financial management system.

  • Jack Hott, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Past President of Cincinnati Chapter and Past National Treasurer


Who Are Your Customers? • National Harbor 10/11


Your chapter's customer base is larger than you might realize. How do you use your chapter's roster? Learn to look beyond the traditional paths to find additional members your chapter may be overlooking.

  • Heather Dallara, Past President Battlefield-Dulles Chapter




3 Concurrent Breakout Sessions


NCMA's Certification Program: Developing Your Members' Credentials • National Harbor 13

Learn everything there is to know about NCMA's Certification programs, from the basics to the specifics—any and every certification question will be answered!

  • James Mitchell, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Vice President, Pentagon Chapter
  • Charles Woodside, Director of Certification, NCMA
  • Blake Boynton, Manager of Certification Operations, NCMA

Chapter Web Pages and Social Media: What Does Your Chapter Need? • National Harbor 12

Join this discussion on the best ways to use the Web and social media to reach members. Topics include how to use each platform effectively and what resources NCMA can provide to help you.

  • Landon Hill, East Tennessee Chapter
  • Chris Mikaelian, Boston Chapter
  • Nick Traboulay, Orange County Chapter
  • Michael Shingledecker, Battlefield-Dulles Chapter
  • Megan Keating, Marketing Specialist, NCMA

Leveraging SharePoint for Chapter Learning Programs • National Harbor 5

Learn the in’s and out’s of SharePoint, including how to utilize the membership rosters and other tools for chapter leaders, and also how to effectively create and maintain your chapter’s website.

  • Bill Swan, CPCM, Fellow, Jacksonville Chapter
  • Mary Beth Lech, CFCM, Fellow, NCMA Chapter Relations Manager


3 Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Repeat) • National Harbor 5, 12, 13


Lunch • National Harbor 10/11


Program Ideas: How to Make Your Chapter More Attractive to Members • National Harbor 10/11


Dinner meetings aren’t the only option for your chapter! There are a vast range of other popular options to appeal to more members and to receive better chapter involvement. Breakfast, book clubs, ethics workshops, community service projects, and more! Explore fresh ideas and learn to be more flexible with your program years.  We’ll discuss different types of programs used by successful chapters who thought outside of the lines.

  • Shene' Commodore, CPCM, Past President of Atlanta Chapter
  • Michelle Currier, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Past President of NCMA, Norfolk Area Chapter


Closing Remarks • National Harbor 10/11


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