World Congress 2014 Educational Tracks

Customize Your Experience to Suit Your Individual Needs!


World Congress 2014 offers over 100 educational sessions through more than 17 educational tracks! With a wide variety of topics, you are sure to find training in your specific areas of interest. Choose to follow the breakouts of one specific track or a variety of tracks throughout the event. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to go beyond the typical breakout format of instruction to application—sessions will provide ample time for presenters to answer your specific questions!

Competency-Based Training

World Congress offers CMBOK, DAWIA, and FAC-C competency-based training sessions covering over 100 technical, business, and professional competencies. View the charts here to locate track sessions focused on specific training competencies of interest.

This year’s track sessions include:

Acquisition Strategy, Planning & Sourcing

Best practices and common solutions for the critical work conducted during the key planning stages before a solicitation, proposal, or negotiation begins to best ensure effective acquisitions.

Business & Proposal Development

What your organization needs to know to effectively identify, pursue, and compete for business opportunities and to best manage the proposal process.

Case Studies & Experiential Learning: Lessons Learned in the Real World

Valuable and actual perspectives and lessons learned from those who have gone through the acquisition process. Learn by example of challenges, successes, and failures from experienced contract management professionals.

Commercial Contracting Practices & Authorities

Impacts and changes in best practices and the latest UCC changes, such as how to minimize contract risk, improve contract communications, and the benefits of a reverse auction platform.

Contract Disputes, Suspension, Terminations & Debarment (NEW)

Techniques and processes to use when contractual disagreements escalate from best to worst case.

Contract Ethics & Conflicts of Interest

Navigate the complexities and nuances of the laws, regulations, and best practices governing the delicate business relationship between buying agency and contractor organization.

Contract Performance & Administration

Key strategies for successful contract management, performance, and oversight, as well as various remedies for potential failures.

Cost & Price Analysis

Improve your ability to synthesize various relevant data factors, including audit and pre-award reports; to develop justifiable positions; and to negotiate fair prices and delivery schedules using solid cost and price analysis. Learn more about cost reimbursement–type contracts, price indexes, TINA, and other relevant guidance.

Human Capital & Career Management

Hear solutions to today’s contracting workforce challenges, including leading and developing the next generation of professionals, diversity, education, and investing in the future of your career.

Legislative & Regulatory Updates in Acquisition

Participate in these sessions and get yourself up to date on the most recent legislative and regulatory changes and initiatives  you need to know about.

Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Principal Strategies

Fundamental skills needed to be an effective negotiator, including understanding each party’s respective motivations and various skills and methods for managing conflicts in  contracting.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Learn how to better measure, manage, and mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with your acquisitions.

Small Business Programs

As a small business, learn how to position yourself and collaborate within the federal market, how to build relationships essential to the growth of your business, and other practical advice for business advancement from leaders within the small business community.

Source Selection Policies & Best Practices (NEW)

Discover how to manage as well as compete in a formal source selection process. Learn to determine when one evaluation factor should prevail over another or when best value (including LPTA) is appropriate. Gain a better understanding of  Sections L and M of the RFP and strategies for success.

Subcontract Management

These sessions focus on the critical issues, current trends, and hot topics within subcontracting and subcontract management, including the unique prime/sub relationship, government privity, and subcontracting compliance responsibilities.

Technology & Innovation

Learn about the latest technological advancements affecting contract management, including cloud technology, improving contract transparency and monitoring, and compliance and legal issues stemming from recent technological advancements.

NCMA Certification Overview

These sessions will help prospective certification candidates interested in becoming either a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM), a Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM), Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM), or an Industry Certified Contracts Manager. Each session will focus on a single certification with information on requirements for education, experience, and specialized training; methods of preparation; fees; and sample exams for the CPCM, CFCM, and CCCM.

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