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World Congress 2014 Session Wrap-Ups

Did you miss a keynote presentation or general session panel? Are you not at World Congress? Check out our session wrap-ups, which provide you with a takeaway from each of the general sessions!

Sunday, July 27

World Congress 2014 began on Sunday with an introduction from World Congress Chair Elliott Branch. Following his enthusiastic welcome, former Virginia congressman and chairman of the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Thomas M. Davis, currently of Deloitte & Touche LLP, took the stage for an extremely honest discussion of how procurement can survive in our deeply divided political climate. Davis spoke about how procurement can be empowered in a way the federal government can't be, and ways in which both sides can learn from one another.

In the first clip below, Davis recounts an anecdote about Thomas Edison on the role of making mistakes in the process of innovation. In the second clip, Davis takes a question from the audience on what Congress can change to get its actions more in line with the interests of the nation, and in the final clip, Davis tackles how the idea of "compromise" has changed and the effect this change has had on the political landscape.

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Monday, July 28

World Congress continued on Monday with a keynote address by Northrop Grumman Chairman, CEO, and President, Wesley Bush.
Bush discussed the state of the defense industry and the critical role of contractors in national defense and security. He went on to explain ways in which the contracting community can realize common goals for their customers, their stakeholders, and the American taxpayer, with an emphasis on the shared values of both government and industry.

This presentation was followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Jason Miller of Federal News Radio. Joe Jordan of FedBid, Beth McGrath of Delotte Consulting, LLC, and Nick Nayak of the Department of Homeland Security came together to discuss the impact of technological realities and advances on contract management.
Finally, a keynote address by Norman Augustine, former chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin and author of _Augustine's Laws_, concluded the day's general session. Augustine introduced the audience to the often adversarial relationship between buyer and seller in federal contracts, and offered solutions so make this complex relationship more transparent and honest. 

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Tuesday, July 29

Tuesday's General Session began with the presentation of two NCMA awards: the Blanche Witte Memorial Foundation Award, awarded to Lori-Anne Dionne of the Boston Chapter; and the Excellence in Contracts Professionalism Award, awarded this year to Alberto Muñoz of the NOVA Chapter. Following these two presentations were panels on Risk Taking and Innovation and The Ethics of Business Management.

Risk Taking was a question-and-answer session among Laura Auletta of DHS, Kay Ely of FAS/GSA, and Lesley Field of OPP and OMB, and moderated by Joanie Newhart, tackling the topic of how the government can better do business with more innovative companies. A crucial point made was that the fear of failure often prevents good ideas from coming through, and that this fear must be overcome in order to attract and keep the right agencies.

Ethics was a lively discussion moderated by Alan Chvotkin, among Stephen Epstein of Boeing, James Meade of the Department of the Navy, and Angela Styles, of the firm Crowell & Moring. The panelists spoke on the importance of training every employee from top to bottom in business ethics, and in compliance, as well as the difference between the two subjects. Some of this training must build intuition and good decision-making:

The first clip below is from the first session, about connecting every member of an organization with the "mission".

In the second, Stephen Epstein offers a suggestion of how to encourage employees to point out potential ethical problems.

In the third clip, James Meade cautions against creating a culture where an employee feels fear of pointing out an ethics violation. 

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Clip Threeaudio

Wednesday, July 28

World Congress 2014's keynotes concluded Wednesday with an address from U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James. Secretary James outlined the Air Force's new strategic framework, announced to the public the same day, and its focus on "strategic agility": the flexibility, adaptability, and speed to rapidly adjust to evolving threats. James went on to explain lowering costs through installation of modular systems which will further open up procurement to industry, and "bending the cost curve" through stable, achievable, state of the art technology. Overall, the keynote highlighted the core values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all that we do.

The final panel discussion comprised Harry Hallock (Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Army, Procurement), Jeffrey Koses (Senior Procurement Executive, GSA), and Kymm McCabe (President and CEO, ASI Government) discussed perspectives on the future of contract management.

In the first clip below, Secretary Deborah Lee James talks about the the concept of "strategic agility". In the second, the Future panel answers a question about "guaranteed success".

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