World Congress 2009

Contracting—Surfing the Waves of Change

April 5–8, 2009
Long Beach, California


Post-Conference Seminars

Thursday April 9, 2009, Hyatt Regency Long Beach

These workshops run concurrently

Post-conference WorkshopsConference AttendeeWorkshop Only
NCMA Member$245$295

National Education Seminar: Contract Negotiations

This seminar provides a comprehensive treatment of contract negotiations, with a compelling discussion of what skills, tools, and best practices are needed to become a master contract negotiator. Attendees will learn:

  • Contract negotiation best practices in various marketplaces:
    • U.S. federal government contracts,
    • U.S. commercial contracts, and
    • Multinational and global contracts.
  • How to build a better relationship while conducting complex contract negotiations;
  • What the most effective strategies, tactics, and counter-tactics are to achieving success in contract negotiations;
  • How to deal with obstacles you face when planning or conducting contract negotiations;
  • What the similarities and differences are between U.S. federal government and U.S. commercial contract negotiations; and
  • How to create a successful performance-based contract.

Every seminar participant will receive a copy of Contract Negotiations: Skills, Tools, and Best Practices by Gregory A. Garrett.


National Education Seminar: New! Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing

This seminar offers best practices and answers important questions in cost estimating and contract pricing. What should a product, service, or integrated business solution cost? How much is it worth to the buyer? What is the appropriate rate of return or profitability for a product or service? What constitutes a fair and reasonable price? How can buyers ensure they are not paying too much? How can sellers maximize both sales and revenue in a consistent manner? Find out the answers to these questions, learn tools and techniques, and more during this educational seminar.

Every workshop participant will receive a copy of Cost Estimating and Contrarct Pricing: Tools, Techniques and Best Practices by Gregory A. Garrett.


National Education Seminar: New! FranklinCovey's The 7 Habits for Managers

Great Managers = Great OrganizationsJust about anyone can get results for a quarter or two. But it takes an exceptional manager to unleash the potential of the team and “write a new story” of success. The 7 Habits for Managers is a unique, new approach to management development that helps your management team move from getting good results to getting great and enduring results. FranklinCovey’s The 7 Habits for Managers workshop is an intensive application-oriented learning experience that focuses on the fundamentals of great leadership. This workshop gives new and experienced managers a set of tools that will help them meet all of today’s management challenges, including:
  • Conflict resolution
  • Prioritization
  • Performance management
  • Accountability and trust
  • Execution
  • Collaboration
  • Team and employee development

Participants will learn how to:

  • Increase resourcefulness and initiative
  • Define the contribution they want to make in their role as managers
  • Manage performance through a balance of accountability and trust
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Improve team decision-making skills by embracing—even encouraging—diverse viewpoints

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