World Congress 2009

Contracting—Surfing the Waves of Change

April 5–8, 2009
Long Beach, California


Monday, April 6 — Session Schedule


General Session: The Honorable Thomas M. Davis III, Federal Government Relations, Deloitte Services LLP

9:00am–10:15am Industry Panel

Moderator: Larry Allen, Executive Vice President, Coalition for Government Procurement

Panelists: Kimberly S. Rupert, CPCM, Senior Vice President for Contracts, Procurement and Pricing, SAIC; and Larry Schultz, Fellow, Vice President, Corporate Contract Compliance, Parker Hannifin Corporation
10:15am–11:00am Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall
Track Sessions 11:00am–12:30pm 12:30pm–2:15pm 2:15pm–3:00pm 3:00pm–4:30pm


This session sponsored by Acquisition Solutions, Inc.

The Veterans Administration’s Acquisition Academy’s Approach to Developing Trusted Business Advisors
Exhibit Hall Open, Lunch Served Dessert Served in Exhibit Hall 102
So You Think You Know the FAR
Business Development 201
Using the BD-CMM—a Framework for Business Development Excellence
Understanding your Organization’s Strategic Planning Process and Tools
Contract Administration 301
Contracting and Tax Accountability: Ensuring a Level Playing Field
Acquisition Strategy: Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Source Selection
Contract Law and Compliance 401
Two-Step Debriefing Process: The Ultimate Elimination of Acquisition Protests
Invisible Terms and Creative Silence: What You Don’t See Can Help or Hurt You in Cross-Border Contracts
Contract Negotiations 501
Predictive Modeling During Negotiations
Financial Aspects of Contract Negotiations
Executive and Leadership I 601
Managing Contractors in the Battlespace
Driving Performance
Executive and Leadership II 701
Seizing the Opportunity in Change
Panel: Rules and Benefits in Partnering with Nation’s Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses
Finance, Accounting, Cost and Pricing 801
Contract Finance Strategies
Cost Accounting, Internal System Compliance, and/or Dealing With DCAA Audits
Human Capital and Career Management 901
Managing the Blended Workforce for Success!
Effective Stakeholder Management in Sourcing and Procurement
Knowledge Management 1001
Track Introduction and Discussion of Better Practice Transfer
The PwC Lifecycle of Knowledge: Embedding KM in Business Process to Respond to Client Challenges
Service Contracting 1101
Performance-Based Standards for Service Contracts: Tips on Writing Metrics
Incentive Arrangements that Work
Task, Delivery Order, and Schedule (TDOS) Contracting

This session sponsored by Centre Consulting, Inc.

GSA Schedules: Recent Trends, Contractor Challenges, and Best Practices
Hot Issues in GSA and VA Contracting
CPCM Fast Track 1301
Contract Principles
Contract Planning/Strategy
CFCM Fast Track 1401
FAR Overview (Parts 1–12)
FAR Overview (Parts 13–26)
CCCM Fast Track 1501
UCC Overview: Article 1 (Parts 1–3) and Article 2 (Parts 1–2)
UCC Overview: Article 2 (Parts 3–5)
9:45am–3:00pm Exhibit Hall Open
6:30pm–11:00pm NCMA 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

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