World Congress 2008

Ensuring Trust in the Acquisition Process Through People, Teams, and Tools.

April 13–16, 2008
Duke Energy Center
Cincinnati, OH

Monday, April 14 — Session Schedule


Welcome Remarks: Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Monzel

Keynote Presenter: Kenneth V. Meyer, Vice President, Integrity and Compliance, GE Infrastructure

9:00am–10:15am General Session Panel: Contract Management Workforce: Is Quality Enough?

Jon Etherton, Principal, Etherton & Associates; Frank Anderson, Fellow, President, Defense Acquisition University; and David J. Berteau, Director, Defense Industries, Center for Strategic and International Studies
10:15am–11:00am Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by BVTI)
Track Sessions 11:00am–12:00pm 12:00pm–1:00pm 1:00pm–1:45pm 1:50pm–2:50pm 3:00pm–4:00pm
Alternate Disputes Resolution 101
ADR: Effective Solutions for Disputes
Lunch in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by IBM) Dessert and Coffee in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by BVTI) 102
Mock Mediation—Part I
Mock Mediation—Part II
Commercial Contracting 201
Contracting under the UCC, CISG, UNIDROIT, and Other Laws or Rules
Commercial Contract Writing and Management
Risky Business in Procurement Contracting
Contract Basics 301
Introduction to Federal Contracting
The Four Phases of Contract Management
Contract Pricing Principles
Defense Contracting 401
Contract Management Organizational Assessments
Contract-Based Valuation of Military Equipment
Demystifying Department of Defense Specialty Metals Restrictions and the Exceptions Thereof
Executive and Leadership 1 601
Presentation by Frank Anderson, Fellow, President, Defense Acquisition University
Presentation by Tim Malishenko, Fellow, Corporate Vice President, The Boeing Company
Presentation by David J. Berteau, Director, Defense Industries, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Executive and Leadership 2 701
Presentation by Steven Schooner, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, George Washington University
Presentation by Alan Chvotkin, Senior Vice President and Counsel, Professional Services Council
Presentation by Charlie Chadwick, Vice President, Contracts and Business Conduct, BAE Systems, Inc.
Federal Government Contracting 801
Acquisition Reform Update
The Five Most Common Mistakes in Cost-Reimbursement Contracting and How to Avoid Them!
Insurance for Contract Managers
Human Capital and Career Management 1001
Leaving a Legacy Through Mentoring
Organizational Conflict of Interest: Managing Integrated Project Teams
Influencing Factors That Affect the Size of an Organization’s Acquisition Workforce
Intellectual Property and Software Licensing 1101
Building-In Assurances when Contracting for Software as a Service
Don’t Just Sign It! Best Practices in Contracting for Software and Other Types of Licensing
Negotiating Intellectual Property Liability Terms
Knowledge Management 1201
Ensuring Trust as a Knowledge Enabled, High Performing Organization
Filling the "Knowing-Doing" Gap: Implications for the Contracting Workforce
Replacing a Lesson Learned Database with a Visible Learning Process
Legal (Contract Law) 1301
The Government Audit and Investigative Powers
Non-Disclosure Agreements and Teaming Agreements
5 Ways Federal Contract Law Differs From Typical State Commercial Contract Law
Performance-Based Service Contracting 1401
What’s New In PBA?
Putting Strategy Into Sourcing—Beyond Consolidation and Commodity Councils
Performance Metrics for Strategic Sourcing
State and Local Contracting 1801
Accelerated Procurement in a Time of Crisis: The Interstate 35W Collapse
Presentation Notes
Aligning Your Vendors to be Your Trusted Partners in Spend Management Projects
Effectiveness of Liquidated Damages in IT Contracting
Task, Delivery Order, and Schedule (TDOS) Contracting 2101
The Expanding World of GSA Schedule Audits: What Gets Auditied and Why
A Culture for Contract Management Success
GSA Schedules—Subcontracting Issues
4:00pm–5:00pm Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by VISA)
9:45am–5:00pm Exhibit Hall Open
7:00pm–10:00pm Gala Dinner*

* Indicates special event—separate registration fee applies.

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