World Congress 2008

Ensuring Trust in the Acquisition Process Through People, Teams, and Tools.

April 13–16, 2008
Duke Energy Center
Cincinnati, OH

Track Descriptions

Alternate Disputes Resolution
With litigation more prevalent and more expensive than ever, you can't afford not to hear from our world-class experts in ADR.

Commercial Contracting
Need to understand how the latest changes to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) will affect your company or how to enforce commercial contract terms and remedies? You have questions, our speakers have answers.

Contract Basics
Whether you are new to the profession or are looking for a comprehensive refresher, this track will get you up to speed quickly!

Contract Law
The challenges of interpreting and enforcing contracts are increasing in complexity, whether written under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) or the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Do ethics, organizational conflicts of interest, protests, and claims cause you to break out in a cold sweat? Get the proven 'remedy' for your fever in our legal track.

Defense Contracting
From the ongoing war against terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond, to the continuing defense transformation, and base closure and realignment, multibillion-dollar opportunities abound. Come learn the latest developments.

Department of Energy (DOE)
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) spends over $23 billion per year in procurement dollars, making it one of the largest procurement activities in the United States and the world. DOE is involved with many highly complex contracting issues and initiatives, including technology transfer, technology investment agreements (TIAs), the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, huge superfund environmental cleanup efforts (Yucca Mountain, Rocky Flats, etc.), management and operations (M&O) contracts, and highly complex security and safety matters. This track will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business with DOE.

Executive and Leadership
A wide range of compelling topics including the central role of contract management in the overall business strategy of the enterprise, creation of succession plans, development of a leadership pipeline, and more, all presented by government or industry business leaders.

Federal Government Contracting
From the latest laws, regulations, and agency initiatives, this track explores the current challenges in federal procurement.

Finance, Accounting, Cost, and Pricing
The link between contract and financial management has become increasingly critical to business survival. Come to this track and we'll show you the advantages of recognizing this link and how to make the most out of your resources.

Human Capital and Career Management
At its core, contracting is a 'people' business. Learn best practices in training, developing, and using your most valuable resources.

Intellectual Property and Software Licensing
No longer an arcane specialty for the selected few, nearly every contract today involves IP or software in one or many forms. Come gain the insight you need to develop, manage, and protect what may very well be your most important assets.

International and Global Contracting
Businesses are more globally interdependent as the cross-border flow of goods, services, capital and know-how continues to increase. Learn how to achieve international success by overcoming economic, technological, political, and cultural challenges.

Knowledge Management
With decentralized buying or selling teams spread across the nation or the globe, personnel turnover and the ever-increasing loss of senior personnel to retirement, how do you train your team and share corporate best practices throughout the enterprise? Learn from commercial and governmental entities that have mastered the answer—knowledge management!

Performance-Based Service Contracting
Performance-based contracting is no longer an option, it is a business necessity in both the public and private business sectors. The federal government has mandated that agencies and departments comply with performance-based guidelines and requirements, pursuant to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and specific agency policies. This track will benefit any contracts professional who wrestles with the new, complex world of performance-based acquisition. Among the topics to be addressed are performance work statements (PWSs), statements of objectives (SOOs), quality assurance planning and plans, performance metrics, contract types and incentives, and service level agreements.

Project Management
Opportunity and risk management are the key elements to managing the complexities of multiple projects within a program. In addition to case studies, you will learn the tools, techniques, and best practices that will lead to project success.

Service Contracting
More contract dollars are spent on services than any other function. Yet structuring truly performance-based contracts and getting timely, responsive and cost-effective service seems to be the "Holy Grail.' End your quest now with wisdom from our expert speakers.

Small Business
Can't seem to crack the code for receiving a prime or major sub-contract award? Feeling the pressure to increase diversity in your vendor base but can't find the right sources? Whichever side of the equation you are on, we have new ideas for you to try.

State and Local Contracting
Collectively, this represents a market equal to or larger than the federal government. S&L procurement today is tackling complex, high-dollar acquisitions for everything from outsourced municipal services to IT to rail systems. Whether you buy or sell in this environment, you will benefit from learning about the latest achievements.

Subcontract Management
This track addresses the importance of effective subcontract management in achieving end customer and prime contractor objectives, especially in federal contracts. This track will give you the basics on what you need to know on negotiating or managing subcontracts, whether you are a prime contractor or a subcontractor. Discussions will include contract flow-down clauses, consent to subcontract clauses, privity, sponsorship, audits, subcontracting plans, and subcontractor cost or pricing data.

Supply-Chain Management and Logistics
With outsourcing on the rise for both government and commercial enterprises, managing your suppliers and supply base is more important today than ever before. Learn new ideas and proven solutions.

Task, Delivery Order, and Schedule (TDOS) Contracting
This track will encompass GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts, governmentwide acquisition contracts (GWACs), multi-agency contracts (MACs), and single and multiple award task and delivery order contracts. Management of interagency contracting is on the General Accountability Office's list of high-risk areas for the federal government. This track will be useful for any who award, bid on, provide services and supplies under, or write orders against TDOS contracts.

Workforce Education and Training
Contract management is a highly complex body of knowledge that is constantly changing as laws, regulations, and court decisions alter the rules, policies, and procedures that govern the profession. When coupled with an aging and highly mobile workforce, it's critical for all employers to provide state-of-the art education and training for contracts professionals. This track will examine the latest developments in this important aspect of the contract management field.

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