World Congress 2008

Ensuring Trust in the Acquisition Process Through People, Teams, and Tools.

April 13–16, 2008
Duke Energy Center
Cincinnati, OH

Post-Conference Seminars

Thursday, April 17, 2008, Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza

These seminars run concurrently

Post-conference SeminarsConference AttendeeSeminar Only
NCMA Member$245$295

Solicitation, Bids, and Proposals: Building a Winning Contract

Presented by Roy A. Nyquist, CPCM, Fellow, Federal Contract Manager, DOD Strategy Group

Building a contract, in both the public and private business sectors, which meets or exceeds the requirements of the buyer and seller is indeed a challenge, especially in a world of high expectations and demanding customers. This seminar provides a comprehensive roadmap or series of steps, which can be taken by both buyers and sellers to achieve mutual business success.

The focus of this seminar is on the art and science of building a winning contract by:

  1. Creating appropriate and professional solicitations (request for quotes, invitations for bids, request for proposals, etc.);
  2. Developing successful bids/proposals (including verbal presentations); and
  3. Conducting efficient, cost effective, and value-added source selection.

Every attendee will receive a copy of Solicitations, Bids, Proposals, and Source Selection—Building a Winning Contract.


Contract Negotiations

Presented by Charles Rumbaugh, Esq, CPCM, Fellow, Arbitrator/Private Judge/Mediator, ADR Office of Charles Rumbaugh

This seminar provides a comprehensive treatment of contract negotiations, with a compelling discussion of what skills, tools, and best practices are needed to become a master contract negotiator. Attendees will learn:

  • Contract negotiation best practices in various marketplaces:
    • U.S. federal government contracts,
    • U.S. commercial contracts, and
    • Multinational and global contracts.
  • How to build a better relationship while conducting complex contract negotiations;
  • What the most effective strategies, tactics, and counter-tactics are to achieving success in contract negotiations;
  • How to deal with obstacles you face when planning or conducting contract negotiations;
  • What the similarities and differences are between U.S. federal government and U.S. commercial contract negotiations; and
  • How to create a successful performance-based contract.

Every seminar participant will receive a copy of Contract Negotiations: Skills, Tools, and Best Practices by Gregory A. Garrett.

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