NCMA Group Memberships

Join, Save, Benefit Together



Consider one of NCMA’s two distinct group memberships for your organization. Your team will love you!


 Ready to Sign up? Contact Member Services: – 800-344-8096, Option 4


Group Membership Options 

“I want to help reduce the cost of NCMA membership for my team. Each employee will be responsible for his or her own membership; I just want to make it more cost effective for them.”

 You are looking for an Organizational INDIVIDUAL Membership. Your company contacts NCMA and "buys down" the memberships for its members. This type of membership needs to have a minimum of 200 members. Each company is able to negotiate a different deal based on how much it wants to cover for its employees and the potential number of members in its organizational membership.  

“I want to purchase NCMA memberships for my team of 20. I want to pay in full for everyone’s membership.”

 You are looking for an Organizational GROUP Membership. Your company owns the membership. Your company contacts a dedicated NCMA staff member and purchases a group of 20 memberships, for example. Your company sends NCMA the names of all the new NCMA members at one time. (See pricing chart below.)    

   10–49 Membership slots: $140 each  
   50–99 Membership slots: $125 each
    100+ Membership slots: $115 each


Group memberships include all of the NCMA member benefits.



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