As an individual membership-based professional society, NCMA is led by volunteer members who are elected officers. Leadership occurs on the national and chapter levels.

The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of the association. The Board consists of up to 23 directors, including the 3 officers, the Executive Director, the General Counsel, 12 directors elected by the general membership, and 6 Directors elected by the Board of Directors.

The Board appoints committees to provide assistance in the accomplishment of NCMA’s goals and objectives. In addition, the Board of Advisors provides senior executive counsel on issues of importance to the profession.

The Council of Fellows is a prestigious group of NCMA members who have made significant contributions to the field of contracting/acquisition and to NCMA. Their greatest responsibility is the development of future leaders for the organization. The fellow designation is the third highest national award given by NCMA.

The chapters are also led by volunteers. Each chapter has a president, treasurer, and secretary, and many have other elected officers. NCMA provides an excellent opportunity for leadership experience in an organization run by volunteers.

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