The Contract Management Code of Ethics

Each member of the contract management profession (“the profession”) accepts the obligation to continuously improve one’s professional knowledge and job performance in the field of contract management, and to abide by the letter and spirit of the ethical standards set forth below.

Each member of the profession shall:

  1. Strive to attain the highest professional standard of job performance, to exercise diligence in carrying out one's professional duties, and to serve the profession to the best of one’s ability.
  2. Conduct oneself in such a manner as to bring credit upon the profession, as well as to maintain trust and confidence in the integrity of the contract management process.
  3. Avoid engagement in any transaction that might conflict or appear to conflict with the proper discharge of one's professional duties by reason of a financial interest, family relationship, or any other circumstances.
  4. Comply with all laws and regulations that govern the contract management process in the jurisdictions in which one conducts business, including protection of competition-sensitive and proprietary information from inappropriate disclosure.
  5. Keep informed of developments in the contract management field, utilizing both formal training and ad hoc means, to continuously increase knowledge, skill, and professional competence.
  6. Share one’s knowledge and experience openly to contribute to the development of other professionals, improve performance quality, and enhance public perception of the profession.
  7. Not knowingly influence others to commit any act that would constitute a violation of this code.


The Professional Standards and Ethics Committee of the NCMA Board of Directors has as one of its goals the enhancement of the awareness of and commitment to the Contract Management Code of Ethics. The members of our committee share suggestions and best practices for how to reenforce this fundamental part of effective acquisition—a strong code of ethics that helps generate conversation around this important topic. Our first article is by committee member David Gragan, Chief Procurement Officer of the District of Columbia. The committee welcomes your comments.


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