Call for Interested Members for NCMA's Board of Directors

In accordance with the NCMA National Bylaws, and Association Policy 5-12, National Elections Process, NCMA invites members to submit statements of interest for a position on the NCMA Board of Directors. The NCMA Board of Directors is the volunteer governing body of the association, and consists of the officers and directors, as established by the NCMA Bylaws and National Election Policy. As officials of the association, Board Members are responsible to the membership for the proper governance and leadership of the association. The Board's charter is available online.


Members interested in being considered for a Board Director position should meet certain minimum qualifications, including any of the following:

  1. Demonstrated experience in the profession.
  2. Contributions to the Association; e.g., through elected service at the chapter, regional or national level; service on National Committees; or service on the Board of Advisors.
  3. Experience or demonstrated leadership at senior levels of industry, government, or academia.
  4. Influence within the contracting and acquisition career fields.
  5. Credentials, competencies and / or experience that would be of benefit in promoting the operations of the Board and the accomplishment of strategic objectives of NCMA.

Members are sought from across the association, without regard to chapter, job/position, employer or other affiliation.


Each interested member shall submit a Statement of Interest no later than Friday, February 1, 2013 to be considered for nomination to the NCMA Board of Directors for  Program Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014) . The package shall include the following:

  1. a brief biographical summary,
  2. a list of professional positions held;
  3. a list of academic degrees awarded;
  4. a list of NCMA and other volunteer positions held;
  5. a list of awards received,
  6. an explanation of what the member believes he or she can bring to the Board, including his/her vision for NCMA,
  7. a statement signifying an understanding of the time and travel commitments of the office, and
  8. Résumé.

The Statement of Interest need not repeat information included in the member's résumé. A candidate's Statement of Interest and résumé will not exceed a combined total of five 8 ½ x 11inch sheets. Each sheet will be single spaced with 12 pitch font and 1 inch margins. Statements of Interest should be emailed to Karen Secker, Corporate Secretary, at, faxed to NCMA National Elections at 703-448-0939, or mailed to NCMA Nominations and Elections Committee, 21740 Beaumeade Circle, Suite 125, Ashburn, Virginia 20147. E-mailed submissions are preferred.


The Nominations and Elections Committee will review all statements of interest submitted, and will select at least six (6) members for inclusion on the ballot. The decision of which members are nominated, and how many members are nominated, is at the sole discretion of the Committee.

The ballot will be posted on the election website, and members will be invited by email to vote, on Friday, February 15, 2013 . Voting will be closed at 5:00 pm Eastern Time, on Friday, March 1, 2013.

Four (4) new Board Directors will be elected by the membership of the association in this national election.

Once elected to the Board, Directors serve a three year term and may be re-elected for one additional term, for a total of six consecutive years of service. Once a Director has completed his or her term, including any successive term, the Director may not be re-elected again for a period of two program years after leaving office. 

The rules governing campaigning for Board positions are addressed in association Policy 5-12, National Elections Process. Violations of the campaigning rules are a basis for removal from the ballot.

All elected Board Directors are required to participate in a mandatory Board orientation session either in person or by WebEx (internet access and telephone required). The session will be scheduled shortly after the conclusion of elections, but is traditionally conducted in July. 

Please direct questions or comments to the undersigned.

Charles D. Chadwick, Fellow, Past President
Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee
703-312-6117 phone 

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